Napoleon Movie Review by Scoop Andhra

Napoleon Movie Review

After a good critical acclaim for the writing in Prathinidhi, writer Anand Ravi comes up with a new
thriller flick “Napoleon”. This time he has written, directed and acted in a lead role too. The film
trailer has created lots of hype as it has the protagonist without a shadow, probably a new concept
for the first time ever in the history of cinema. But it could have been awesome if it was dealt with
more gripping screenplay and production design.
In a thriller, the screenplay will have several revelations and twists. The film works out until and
unless these twists are well executed with a strong emphasize in the screenplay. The revelations in
this film seem to be very light weighted. Director preferred to reveal everything on a subtle lighter
note. Any popular known face in the industry could have been fitted into the role of protagonist but
Anand Ravi has chose to play the role by himself. May be, he wants his protagonist to be as simple as
a common man with a new face. Though there’s a lot of intelligence in the screenplay, there seems
to be a lack in the emphasis of the production design and casting.
The biggest asset of the film is Siddharth Sadasivuni’s background score. This youngster has given
out his best, especially the title song is hilarious and it has a right placement in the screenplay.
Anand Ravi and Ravi Varma have given their best performances. It’s wonder to see a protagonist
who doesn’t have any qualities of a present day Telugu commercial cinema hero, engaging the
audience with a new face for 2 hours. It’s good to see a change once in a while.
On the whole Napoleon will leave you out with a good feel and the film seems to be a good attempt
in a very low budget. Anything much about the film will become a spoiler so watch out this small

Rating: 3/5

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