Oxygen Movie Review – Gopi Chand, Anu Emanuel, Rashi Khanna

Oxygen Movie Review

The film Oxygen that stars Gopi Chand, Anu Emanuel and Rashi Khanna in the lead roles is in the theatres from today. The film is directed by Jyothi Krishna and produced by his father A.M.Ratnam. There are very low expectations on the film as it faced a lot of struggles but finally the film has seen the light and check out the review of the film here.
The director has come up with a interesting story line and he also included a social message in it but the way he has narrated it is completely boring. There is a lot of youth in the country who are spoiling their lives by becoming addicts to the smoking. The director was inspired by this point and came up with this movie. He could have narrated it in an interesting manner but he has taken a commercial path by telling it in the conventional and routine manner.
There are a lot of layers to the story of the film. On one side it appears like a social message oriented one and on the other side it appears to be a commercial revenge drama. This is a story of Krishna Prasad (Gopi Chand), an army person who takes the revenge against a family that is the reason for his parents’ death. On the other side Raghupathi (Jagapathi Babu) and his family does illegal business of cigarettes and becomes a reason for spoiling the lives of a lot of people. Eventually Raghupathi family becomes the reason for the loss happened to Krishna prasad aka Sanjeev. s becomes a triggering point for Krishna Prasad and the game between him and Raghupathi starts. How did Krishna Prasad takes revenge for his parents death? And how did he finally educated about the ill effects of smoking reveals the movie’s story.
The First half of the film completely focuses on introducing the characters. The entire first half appears to be routine and commercial. There are a lot of unnecessary aspects in the first half which could be avoided and the director could have seriously moved forward with the flow of the movie. It is till the interval point that we do not understand the real motive behind the lead protagonist’s character. The interval block is interesting though it is predictable. The main story starts in the second half of the film.
The routine narration in the first half literally kills the viewing experience of the audiences and brings boredom to the viewers but it is only in the second half that the film tries to project it’s view point on the story. There are a lot of logics missing in the film. From an army officer dealing a case to the murders happening and the investigation revolving around it could have been dealt in a more gripping manner. The unnecessary characters played by Ali, Shiyaji Shinde and few others could be avoided too.
Keeping the first half aside, the second half of the movie impresses everyone big time. The second half has a good pace and a good story to tell. From keeping the routine commercial way of story telling aside, the film has something good to tell to the audiences. Had the first half been the way it is in the second half the film would have made more sense.
Technically the film is good. The camera work is decent. The editing is nice. The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja failed to impress. Even the background score of the film also disappoints. All we hear is the loudness in the name of background score which is not expected from Yuvan Shankar Raja. The graphics work which is stated to be the reason for the delay of the film’s release is just okay. A lot more could have been done in terms of VFX works.
“Smoking is injurious to health” is what we have been listening to for a long time. The director tried to touch this point and he has come up with a revenge drama around it. The director tried to bring the wicked minds of businessmen who are cashing the weakness of common men in the name of cigarettes. It is commendable and appreciable. Except for the below average first half, the film is passable with patience.

Movie: Oxygen

Rating: 2.5/5

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