Vennela Kishore- The funny man who is everyone’s favorite

Off late, things have changed drastically in Tollywood. The taste of the audience and their sensibilities are very hard to guess and filmmakers often find it tough to figure out as to what can make them happy and which actor will do the trick and evoke good laughs in all the films.
But Vennela Kishore is one man, who is on the rise and is the current go-to man in Tollywood. See him in any of the recent releases, Kishore has created a place for himself and is also winning huge appreciation for his performances.
Kishore‘s sense of humor or the way he connects to the audience with his contemporary jokes keeping the daily life in mind has made him a star today. Things were not so easy for him as a lot of hard work and sacrifice has gone into where he is now today.
He even tried production and direction but things did not work out for him. But this did not lose hope and he came back strongly with his performances. Be it his award-winning performance in Nani’s Bhale Bhale Magadivoy or his unique role in Gentleman, Raju Gari Gadhi 2 and Ami Thumi, Vennela Kishore has struck a chord with the audience.
Roles are now being specially written for him as he is being accepted and loved universally. Kishore is now a sure shot part of all the big budget films and has his dates filled with films up to the next year or so.
One can easily say he has surely reached the top league of comedians and is fulfilling the gap which has created after some senior comedians left this industry. Kishore has close to 12 films in his kitty and he will appear in different films in each of them.
The interesting fact is that Kishore does not do any TV shows or events outside of India. Also, his close interaction with his fans be it personally or on the social network, makes him quite approachable and the definitely the go-to man in Tollywood in a long way. 

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